Reflection in the mirror, reflection in a blue stream.
The sky is a shade of gray that is almost blue, almost pink.
The tree line on the horizon is brown, almost black.
The ground is covered with snow that is white, almost gray.
The snow is not deep but is does have a Christmas spirit to it.
World peace is what we ask for; the world has eyes, let them see.
The world has taught us lessons, let us learn to live as one family of human beings.
We can walk peacefully, we can see the sun;
we can see our son's and our daughter's as they walk hand in hand along a peaceful beach.
Our leadership can show the young that hate is not the answer.
There is no need to lob the garbage over the fence.
Stand tall and walk in peace.
Be determined in your quest for peace.
Cream rises to the top; let the children share in its abundance.
 Reflection in the mirror, reflection in a blue stream.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas