You are a long way off. I am just sitting here.
The more I speak the farther apart we become.
I never said wed become closer if we read each other.
Just knowing there is nothing to say, I seem to know it all, I know nothing at all.
Words did not bring us closer; there is nothing to say.

Sometimes we are creatures that do not want to be bothered,Oh swell! Oh bother!
I sit here waiting for the cob that is up my ass to disappear.
All the elements of something good are in place. The sun is shinning, the colors of the earth are grand, the songs are wonderful but my mood is just blaah.
I am waiting while the chimes move in the wind; cicadas and crickets are rubbing their wings or legs. Im still waiting.
The wood grain is wet and shinning, the flowerpots are in color.
Reflections of the sun are sparkling on each drop of water on each blade of grass.
 Im still waiting. Maybe a cup of warm coffee or a nice mug of tea will break this mood.
 It is almost like those depressions that pockmark my brain are trying to rise up, rear there hollowed head up into my mind.
Im still waiting. This loneness wont leave me alone.
Maybe Ill clean the bird feeders, maybe a little fresh nectar for the hummers.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas