The bright sunny fall day is wet.
Power corrupts, just by viewing this years November elections I saw what power can do to a human being.
The word about the country is that those seeking the power had spent more than the value of
human life on this planet to get elected.
Power corrupts, the theft of retirement funds by slick accounting has left the common man wondering “what can I do?”
Power corrupts, the bribes to influence the mind of man to benefit the man holding the power is beyond our control.
Power corrupt, we can see the armies of men marching to protect the man in power.
We look at this world and shake our heads, how are we supposed to throw the corruption out
when the garbage truck comes by?
What subtle changes in our environment will move us to a more perfect union of mankind?
How are we to do this when everything said above keeps us away from the democratic influence our
founding fathers spoke of?
What is the price of the freedom we want?
When will our common man on the street have a voice?
What tablets will Moses hold next year?
The Eagles are singing in the background about a ‘a new kid in town”.
The bright sunny fall day is wet.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas