Silent Services
Are these the places where god is echoed in the hallowed mahogany marble hall?
Or are these the places where the man sweeps up the beer covered peanut shells.
Is he the silent man dumping the garbage down the alley?
Or is she the elderly woman on her knees scrubbing the floors in the hospital room?
Or am I just doing the dishes at home while the birds feed out in the frozen garden.
I may be alone out in the wilderness or in a crowded room of writing suits?
Whatever brings you around; we have a word for you, good morning.
Laurel and I visited Washington DC a few years back and what we took away was the fact the so many of the poor always wanted to grabs your bags and put them away politely.
Can I help you sir?
What can we do for you sir?
Let me get that, no problem sir.
These were the voices that where trained as household slaves. They were treated rather well, but they were still slaves.
Those polite words they echoed are still part of their lives. They are free to be but they are still polite.
So we see the man pushing the broom, the wife hanging the clothes.
The Amish children plowing the fields, there is no war in their lives, just peace and a place to be.
We all have a place to be.
Can you be in a place near you where it is peaceful?
Have you found the place where no violence is present?
Can you sit at home and just listen to the silence?
Do you think that everyone on this planet has found a hideaway, a peaceful place?
If you answered yes, then world peace is within everyone's reach.
All our leaders have to do just ask for peace and we will find it.
If you seek violence, you will find it.
Silent Services

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Words & Graphics by Tomas