I am so far away
So far away.
The depth of places to go.
A thousand doors that are opened, some for a price.
So far away.
I am halfway there out beyond the suburbs.
I have to travel a long way to see the city lights.
I have all the comforts of our new technologies.
Bricks and warmth, telecasts in stereo.
I am so far away from the city lights.

The locals just informed me that I have gone where the community thinks is an inappropriate place to be.
I am a long way from the freedom to be.
Noses are wandering out of boredom into places they shouldn't be.
That's what they say of me.
That's what I say of them.

The Indigo Girls and Keb Mo sing and tell other stories.
I am so far away
So far away.

Another illusion of the brain.
I am sitting on this planet with you.
but the city is so far away.
I guess without this communication I would not be aware of your existence.
I guess I'd better marvel at your achievements.
But it's true the city lights are far away.
I see your posts and marvel at the doors you enter.
I could move closer but I won't.
I am so far away
So far away.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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Words & Graphics by Tomas

Words & Graphics by Tomas