What am I stamping on this whiteness?
There are two views that I see.
One is the view that the world is a peaceful place and all we need is to see it and
then catch a ride on this wonderful odyssey.
The other view is that of an arrogant old man that wants the world to behave and
will not take no for an answer.
Both views are trapped inside the form of flesh that is moving forward in time.
I awake with wild ideas of ways to conjure up peace is this slow boiling mass of thought.
I dip my wire of electrons into this revolving world but my words are just bouncing off like sparks, affecting nothing.
Why is it so simple for me to see, the sparks of light, the statues of humanity, the globe in peace?
Why does the world make it so hard to find the peace?
Sometimes I do not want to say anything.
Sometimes it is better to view the earth and keep quiet, but I keep wondering…
Like the child with the question, why?
My wheels are turning and
are they moving down the slippery slope or
are they being push up the steep hill?
I am sitting still.
I am watching the computer line blink off and on.
Blood is moving thru my system as electrons are lighting up this darkness.
What am I stamping on this whiteness?

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas