In the morning chill there is a woman in the carport draped in robes of darkness while
the orange sky rises in the background.
Her Sunday best nylons and dark pointed high heels are also silhouetted .
She is waiting; she is holding her grandchild as the wind blows her dark robes.
It is an image that only the painter can see.
The dream said that the ground was sacred to the Indians.
The rims of sandy-cratered volcanoes can be seen in this quiet 24-hour exercise.
The highest points in our vision cannot be painted.
This dream started when the image of the pillow was silhouetted in the window as
the last thing I saw before falling off to sleep.
It is peaceful in Indiana
Today two emails arrived about Indiana.
It is peaceful in Kentucky until I have to talk to someone.
Then the world gets complicated with different viewpoints.
I am supposed to see the other viewpoint?
Why don't I?

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....



Words & Graphics by Tomas