The Sun Day

The sun day, today I think anew, I check the email for messages from friends and family.
I try to read the news. I want to separate the good from the bad so I scan the headlines.
We stopped by to see Allison and Natasha, as Jason had to go off for the weekend on business.
We listened to classical music as we did some chores around the house. Natasha is singing?
I look over at her and she is singing, "tatata TAH",
the classical music is still playing and she repeats the sound, "tatata TAH", it finally rings a bell and
my heart is filled with joy and happiness.
This child just blossoms as a flower as my heart cries for the world.
She brings me back to the reality of what I am trying to feel.
The world is filled with good feelings if we just open our eyes and see them.
The catastrophe is over there; I have to see it on the news. My world is here, my point of view of what I see is here in Kentucky. The center of our/my universe surrounds us/me, it does not surround the thought of impending war.
My bird feeder is out that window and when I am at Allison's and when Natasha sings, "tatata TAH", that is my world.
Why do I search out for what is happening in other places.
I am like the bear that went over the mountain to see what he could see.
My place to be is here.
So I wish you a good day and hope your point of view is filled with the wonderful sights of warm
fragrant teas, flying red birds, your family and friends.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas