The Sun Day Muse

I sit peacefully gazing out over the world of trees, green grasses and homes.
My world is not complicated with notes and upcoming meetings; it is a moment-by-moment existence.
I am firmly parked in the place I am.
The point of view is from my eyes, encouraged by my minds bias.
Mostly what I see out here is green and brown, a brick building, a car or truck passing by.
What I see out here is technology, an amazing array of unseen, and a mildly blinded view of unseen technology.
Our world is covered in technology.
I could walk out in the woods and technology would find me.
We tried to walk away and someone donated an old TV or
turned our minds because life forced us "not to loss" what our families had gained.
But we still walk with the view, our view, and
our freedom thanks to a revolution of thought.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas