It is early Sunday morning and the orange cat is playing with the catnip mouse.
Yesterday afternoon she brought in a small field mouse.
The poor thing was half dead by the time I realized what the cat had brought in.
I found the mouse huddled in a corner.
I picked it up and put it out side.
Mice do not have a chance here in this home.
For the mice this abode is too much of a headache for them to even bother to come in; there are safer places on this planet for them.
This is Sunday morning and I am reminded by my watch that this planet has evolved into another month.
I find that amazing, that I am carrying a device that reminds me constantly rain or night where the sun is and
what part of the day it has been named.
This device works hand in hand with a calendar.
I know that sounds pretty far fetched but man not the sheep or the bear has plotted the movements of the sun, moon and the stars.
I know I did not do it.
Somebody went out every minute of their life and positioned on a piece of paper where the sun was at.
Donít ask me where they got the paper?
I also have a black box over there that reminds me to hide because it is dangerous out there.
When Laurel and I first arrived in Kentucky we shied away from them black boxes.
But folks felt sorry for us and hooked up one for Laurel to keep her company while she took care of our small children.
Heaven only knows what would have happened to Laurel without Barker Bob.
Today I am going to watch on that black box what they call the super bowl while
some other folks try to blow up the bowl while I watch.
Folks have got plum crazy.
It dark out, I see a little snow on the ground out there.
Soon the sun will shine in February for the first time.
I am looking forward to that.
Here is a link to a calendar.

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