How do you apologize to a cat?
Our tom cat the black and white one, not the black one. He is a little rowdy and fights a lot. For the past month he has been limping, greasy looking and a little battered looking. Last week Laurel saw that his leg was sore looking and bleeding a little too much so she decide to take him to the vet.
I talked to him as I held him while placing him in a cat carrier and I told him that the vet was going to look at his leg and fix it up for him. I talk to animals a lot; I normally do not get any responses other than a rub on the leg or arm.
   We brought him to the vet and carried him over to the table where after further examination, the vet said he should stay over night.
 We said,"alright" and as we departed Laurel said to the cat, "the vet will fix you right up" and we went home.
Laurel called the vet the next day to see how the cat was and they said the cat would be ready to take home that afternoon.
While we were waiting in the vets' office there was a flurry of activity and we talked to a lot a pet owners. Finally we heard that our cat was just waking up from surgery from the lady at the counter. Our eyes perked up and we asked, "What surgery?" and the lady answered, "from the neutering?" Laurel and I looked puzzled and she said, "that we never asked anyone to neuter the cat?"
The vet came out and said, "didn't you say "the vet will fix you right up" when you left the other day?" Laurel said that she was talking to the cat as we left the clinic not the vet.
Laurel was a little upset and
I was upset because I had comforted the cat and told him that the vet was going to fix him right up.
How do you apologize to a cat?
After all, it's not like you can buy your cats diamond collars, ceramic rings or even bring flowers,
you just have to show love and affection, maybe bring catnip.
He is fine but he will not look at me or talk to me, he wants no part of my lies.

There is no way to put him back together again so we have to live with our mistake or the vets. Whatever. The cat's fine, Laurel can go near him and give him his antibiotics and sweet-talk to him, all I can do is try to write about the misunderstanding.
How do you apologize to a cat?

How do you apoligize to a cat?
by Laurel
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