The Trip West

We started on our trip by leaving home at three in the wee morning. Our five bags were pack heavy. Two bags we were to carry on the plane that was to leave Nashville about eight in the morning. Because our tickets were un-refundable and cheap, we started early just knowing that a Thanksgiving rush of people would be heading home. To our surprise they were not. So we sat and waited for our plane to arrive in Nashville. A magazine and some coffee, planes flying in and departing kept my simple mind amused. I am mildly surprised at how many planes depart and arrive without a fault. The built in redundancies of perfection and safety in our airways are taken for granted, as the road to Nashville and the van we were riding in.
The plane to Las Vegas was tightly packed, arms down at our sides like tin soldiers.
A lot of weekend cowboys moving west to the rodeo in Las Vegas.
The horses, leather saddles and bow legged riders were already there rubbing Ben Gay and oil into their hides.
We were heading into a storm. The blue plane bucked like a wild bronco most of the way to Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon was not to be seen because of the storm clouds. We finally dropped out of the sky and spied Las Vegas, shinning black roads and water standing in the fields were the first things we noticed.

To be Continued.
The body always wants something. On our trip west we saw some beautiful scenery, some beautiful homes and some wonderful standards of living.
We come back home to our small brick house and forget that it is our home.
The body always wants something. I want to live with two women. That is not going to happen.
Six or seven different opinions will tell me why it is not going to happen.
The body always wants something.
There is a sense in the air that tells me that everything is ok. Everything is ok as it is.
We are back to the words “to be or not to be”


I am always wanting something that I already have.
I want to rake in my family and settle them at my feet.
I want the sugar and spice to perfume my life.
I keep forgetting to open my eyes and view what I see.
I wish you the warmest feelings.
Love is a nice word to say in times like these.
Take Care Love Tomas
I say hello.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas