You are here they say/shout!
Place me in the troughs of the frenzied wolves. Let those words devoir me whole.
They are not knocking on this door but when they do what kind of pain will they bring.
I am not a writer but I write.
There is no proficiency in thought in this mind, just words uttered into this computer.
There is no great depth to understand.
I see the news and it devoirs humanity with only the thought to pay the bills.
And what tremendous bills they have.
They have stepped on everyone’s toes, smiled and walked away; don’t be so naïve they say to us/me.
They have ridiculed the thoughts of all the great men.
I am in the great falls, rushing down just like the fall of the Roman Empire.
I wish there was more to say.
I still dig in this Garden of Eden.
I feed the creatures around me and they provide me with a wealth of knowledge.
I am shaking my head in a mild disgust.
I am here I say/shout!
You are here I say/shout!
I feel pleasant; euphoria dwells in my being.
At every moment since I met Sylvia and Joanie my world has been my own.
For these last 36 years every moment I have been aware of my existence.
I/we have walked on the same path that all the minds of humanity have walked.
I understand their will to perform well; to leave the earth well churned; their words and
bodies turned deep into the matter of life; the soil or soul of the earth.
Libraries catalog their voices; the earth turns their soul.
I am here they say/shout!
You are here they say/shout!

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas