Tic, tic, tic

Who wants peace in this world?
Well I think the majority of the folks in this world want peace but they are not going to
let some extremist blowup their families.
So those folks fight.
I could stand still and let the tank roll over my body or I can move away.
In a way that is what I did. I moved away from the violence and into the woods.
But what is going to happen when the extremist places a bomb on my doorstep in these woods?
I do not know what to do.
Like you said if you just listen to the folks that want peace then the world will be at peace.
But some folks hate who we are and what we have become.
They will continue to kill those young soldiers because they represent something that they hate.
There are two answers to all the violence.
One is for the violent world to live in peace and the other is like the Great Wall of China,
the Atomic Bomb and the Iron Curtain.
At the moment the world is sacrificing young men for peace.
This will not last much longer.
We are not Israel.
The United States has a very big stick and we are crazy enough to use it.
If the world has any sense they will pray/live for peace.

Tic, tic, tic

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Words & Graphics by Tomas