Tolstoy & Tom:fading history
The outer limits, the land that time forgot. The uncle that remains lost.
The naive land that we always wanted to forget.
The place and human form that is dismissed as odd. I know that it exists but it wants to crawl under the history books.
Could it be the garden that the bible raved about so much? I think so but who am I. I am the uncle that we soon forget.
The shadow in our lives that does not exists.
There is a drawer full of keys that go nowhere. I lay there in my world hoping to be picked up; there is still time in the game.
I know it exists but it tries to hide. The planes fly over reminding the land that junk mail is still delivered.
This land, this garden has seen the apple, the wheel and the sword. Oh how it wishes not to be seen.
Money has not fallen from the skies, but it could. There is no need for money on this planet.
Only acorns account or make any sense.
Tolstoy & Tom:fading history

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas