What am I, a bleeding heart liberal or a Manson looking freak who loves to bow to blood?
I am neither; I am sitting on a fence, just off the edge of society, neither here or there.
I say this because last night I went and saw a documentary on the Weather Underground.
The documentary reflects on where these young minds went and how easy it was for violence to come forward as a vehicle for change.
During that period of time as is now I did not believe that violence was a means of solving problems.
Yet I know how easy it is for the steam roller to roll over me with its rhetoric.
I do have some protection and that protection is the law of influence of tried and true historical data.
Today with computers all that data can be compiled quickly.
It is easy to understand the nature of good and evil.
Where is the line between wanting to create a family and lust?
Where is the line between freedom and anarchy?
I grew up loving the rugged fights of childhood and listening to my grandmother speak in Spanish of that utopia where the lion lies down with the lamb.
I have choices to make and that documentary painted my youth bleak.
I have a history as do you.
A history that is great and wonderful.
The revolution of the sixties brought community and love into my life.
It influenced millions.
Violent human beings have stolen words from the bible and created a monster.
This monster has stolen the subtle good changes of the sixties with twisted chickens in every pot.
Social pressure was working quite well in Iraq until the minds of violence took over.
Can what we say,
do good for the world we live in or
are our words just for the Blue Ribbons of The New York Times Best Sellers List.
How do 6,000,000,000 human beings communicate all at once?
How am I doing this?
I hear Laurel typing in the other room.
Speak up; carry your voice across the blue green seas.
 The fence is the wheels that carry me to town.
The fence is the plane that I see in the sky while sitting alone in the jungle.
The fence is this computer program that lets me talk across the world.
I am sitting on this fence between what I want (Peace) and what the world points in my direction.
Whichever way I point my nose someone will say,” Did you see that…. and point at technology?
I want to sit in peace but she wants clean dishes.
Someone said that I was free and I think so until the buzzer goes off.
There is the Garden and there is Reality and I am leaning toward the Garden.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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