A person could give 100% to his cause/community.
His heart and soul could present itself before the community that followed his example.
Most stories that I hear tell me that by giving their life to their community they forget to give their life to their family.
If I followed in the path to fulfill my dream toward the light that my needs wanted me to go to I would miss one of the most important things in life. I would miss the light that shined in the women that I loved.
For some strange reason I got to be loved by two women simultaneously, one in a friendly way and one as a lover.
I fell deeply in love.
I had no reason to be loved other that the fact that I was easy going and in a desperate need to be comforted.
I learned to see the world before me because of them.
The need for a utopia was useless without seeing the human being at your feet.
I feel deeply that some religions miss the boat completely.
For some strange reason they devote their lives to a cause or god and forget to see
god in the beautiful women/man at their feet.
The light that I see includes humanity.
I will always reaffirm my love to these women.
They will always be welcome in my home, for it is also their home.
The other Coyote:
Coyote would come by from time to time and visit with the folks down at the parking lot.
He reminded me of someone like a reporter checking on things and seeing how things were doing.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas