The Separation of the Clans

There is the other half of the sixties revolution.
There is the human being that gets a rush out of destroying human life and property for a rush.
We all remember the rush we got as children when we made the great tackle, the twist and the pin on the mat.
Now some of the class of sixty really feels that destruction of the environment will eventfully lead to the fall of society.

Where is the whole, the freedom to walk on this planet in peace?

Somehow the planet got separated into clans

Some are at war
Some are swaying our opinions toward the upheaval of our society.
To them Jesus is a religious icon.
To them Gandhi has lost all meaning and
Martin Luther King is just a symbol on our Holiday chart.

I turn my body toward the sun and gather its warmth.
Perhaps I could raise my hands and feel the welcomed rays of light.

As I am there is a space.

There is a space that I occupy that is surrounded in peace.

The peaceful being has always been there.

The human condition is always searching for a peaceful state that has always been there.
We are always gathering evidence of that peaceful existence.
Sometimes life slips us a peek.
For some of us it is and old habit.
We just ask and we receive.




Words & Graphics by Tomas