Everyone should have a deck overlooking the world.
The earth is rather puzzling. Far away and very close there is a war going on. The United States is losing a civil war for power in a foreign land. The Protestant West is going to lose to the Moslem East. The West will surround the oil fields and create a rich oil state within Iraq. The Iraqi people will be taxed for the war and the West will get the oil.

We are up at 3am; Laurel is out checking the stars, moon and the creatures roaming the earth at night.
This is not the city at night with its occasional cab and someone off on an errand. The city night lighted for glory.
Here it is dark. The lights on are the lights out by the territorial barns, the out buildings, the schools and the hospitals.

Patiently waiting, sitting, watching, and watching a particular space.
Our cat sits with us and waits.
Quietly sitting, watching, absorbing the life and sounds of this green, blue, brown, and gray area; earth.
We hear the sounds of civilization, wild birds (or perhaps civilized birds); how long will it be before the bombs arrive?
Will this peace of mind/mine be terrorized by remote control objects flying over our heads?
It is hard to imagine living my life from birth with a threat of bombs and shootings, drive by shootings, riots, looting, and night riders with hooded masks on four by fours and fire falling from the sky?

We have a local bank that wants to use my money without paying any interest. We have the government twisting our arms if we do not direct deposit our money into our local banků..?

The earth here is really nice. No one wants to live here, how strange?
Our Humming birds have left us. Perhaps I did not clean the feeder properly. A small sparrow is hopping in the newly tilled soil in the garden.
While digging in the garden I saw plenty of earthworms and cutworms. The cutworms were plentiful where there was an abundance of crabgrass; so I may assume that they feed on the crabgrass.
Rolling hills, peaceful and green, flowering potted plants add color to a golden wooden deck; swifts are flying high and fast, dark little curves in our days light.
If I closed my eyes the sound here would put the image of being deep into the old jungle of the Amazon; before it was swiftly burned.

Where has all the foliage gone?
Burnt down every one just a moment ago.
They had no choice, the world must move forward.

Kentucky is constantly fighting progress.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


Words & Graphics by Tomas