It has rained a lot since our tiller died.
The ground is now soft enough to sink into.
I have not taken the pleasure of walking in the mud for quite a while.
In this garden it would only create craters in the landscape and
I would have to turn it by hand when the ground dried.
I have not been able to write because the world around me is cool to the touch.
The world is only humored by thoughts of left leaning writers.
The world wants conservative writers.
The world wants someone who will stand their ground and not prance around like a child with flowers and beads.
The conservative folks in the United States want war.
The hard union man that fought for a decent hour and a decent wage wants war.
The Christian mother who hated war in the sixties wants war.
The southern conservative family wants war.
The Jews in America that lost their families in the Second World War want war.
Osama bin Laden has offered a truce to European countries but still wants war with the United States.
Saddam Hussein said that he would whip our butt if we used ground forces in Iraq.
So what does G.W. Bush do?
And Osama bin Laden does not need to come into the United States to
kill Americans he just needs to hang around the Middle East.
Each one of us is responsible for Osama bin Alden’s actions.
We as a human being on this planet are responsible for the welfare of our families.
We as a planet let a man that straps bombs to children walk our streets.
We politely turn our backs to him or wave a rag of pleasure at his sight. We treat him as the Messiah.
With a great deal of thought he will strap a bomb to a mother and child and
say a blessing as their bodies are scattered into bloody shreds across our neighborhoods.
We have the oblivious notion that those human shreds of humanity falling on
our neighbors will die for the great cause of freedom!
If you think what he stands for is good then you are insane,
normal behavior has left your body.


Words & Graphics by Tomas