The Southern Democrat

At one time he was the strong union man that worked in the coal fields and farms of the South.
Where has this strong Christian block of voters gone?
The block is still here but it votes Republican in today’s market.
Ronald Reagan broke the heart of the coal unions by ignoring them and using non-union labor.
I remember when a coal minor went into the local hospital or clinic his bills were paid in full by the mines.
Today the mines are ignored and empty.
Pat Robertson seeped into the back door and roped the older parents and down went the Southern Democrat

Here in Marion today all the work is non-union and pays just about ten dollars an hour to start and then……
they will all vote Republican.

Everyone shops at Wal-Mart even though Wal-Mart keeps there prices low by offering health insurance that
would eat up the weekly take home pay of their employees and then…...
Most of those employees will vote Republican.

This Christian block is not liberal.

If I put a sign out in front of my home asking my neighbors if they were better off today than they were four years ago?
They would say yes as they asked to have one of those minimum wage jobs.
They believe that the trickle down economy will help them.

Sprinkling salt on old wounds
Laurel and I went to the local Hot August Blues Festival and I truly felt that
more than half attending were going to vote for Bush as the band played a Jimmy Hendricks encore.
Sprinkling salt on old wounds


Words & Graphics by Tomas