I am older and I sleep longer and wake with stiffness in my back.
Age has an effect on this body; it takes three hours to get my body moving in a normal manner.
I balance my time between sitting and enjoying to working and enjoying.
These are the benefits of being in a position of not being part of the working class, the retired.
Because I was very physical in my early periods of my life my body has paid dearly.
During these early hours before the “enjoying and working” is
when I write whatever comes forward in this mind,
which is influenced by my exposure to a television and the needs of our family.
Some days I just take the whole day off and just enjoy the day.
Life on this planet is so vulnerable to the movements of this planet and
the storms created by the constant changes in temperatures.
Just watching the news just makes me want to bury my head in the sand.
I feel like the three monkeys that cover their ears, eyes and mouth.
As a human I do not let stress seep into this life. Stress is caused by want.
I was born without want (other than wanting to stay alive) and that is where I place my head.
If I look out over the earth it looks rather clear and without clutter and after a rain the earth is very bright and the body senses that cleanliness and feels good.
Society has learned by that cleanliness and created the lifestyle like the Geishas and
the cleanliness of hospitals.
Mothers create very clean rooms to help clear the air.
Life seems to forget why those things are done and creates wants and
stress that have nothing to do as to why we are here.
We are here to live with our senses and survive.
Enjoy it; it is a gift from god.

 Words & Graphics by Tomas