On August 5, 1981 an angry President Reagan carried out his threat and
fired 11,359 air-traffic controllers.
This set a mind-set in this country that contract negotiations could be defaulted.
The courts could rule that if it was ok by the president then any situation could not be a sacred trusted contract but a contract that could be broken.
This set in motion a mind-boggling feeling that whatever the unions established with
their employees and employer could be broken.
Today this is so far removed by what has happened to the airline industry this week that
this president cannot be faulted for this trend.
But I do fault President Reagan for changing the mind-set of contract between employee unions, employers and negotiators negotiating contracts and the courts.
This President drew a terrible line in the sand with his gunslinger stance and forced all unions and courts to place his example into negotiations.
All negotiations can be broken by threat of interference by the president.
Unions were declared corrupt and void.
Without the unions the everyday employee did not have a chance against slick minds of
industrial lawyers.
The everyday employees have lost good medical benefits and retirement funds because
of these actions.
Today we see (as normal business practice) industry moving away when employees establish unions.
Most young folks today only know unions as the way seen in movies;
riots, clubs and fists raised in defiance.
A very sad state of affairs.
What is the point?
The swift article of information flew by my senses imbedding a notion, a sense.
What side of the machine am I to view; it is round and the view seems clear on each side.
Each channel in the electronic box points in the same direction.
There is no other side?
Oh yeah, there is hell?
The environmentalists!
What is the point?
My black SUV is stout, strong and safe; it protects my family from angry environmentalists, democrats.
The environmentalists have no dress code!

 Words & Graphics by Tomas