Sun Day Muse

These past few days have been comfortable in the moist mornings and the cool evenings. The days have been hovering in the upper nineties, which is extremely hot and humid.

Our local newscast has warned us to stay in during the day if you are over sixty or a young child.

I have worked our garden in the mornings and evenings. The early beans are gone but the bush beans are producing very well. Our tomato plants are full of tomatoes; this hot humid weather is right up their alley. The volunteer watermelons are trying to overwhelm the garden but I am keeping them confined to two rows. Laurel harvested the shallots; this was her first year with them and she is very pleased with the outcome, she loves their mild flavor.

There comes a time when all the knowledge in those history books and fictitious muse have pretty well filled our my minds with its complete set of data to form some sort of opinion of why we read so much and why our little feet are planted firmly on this soil.
There comes a time when our opinions sway the movement of this planet and there is a place where I can place my thought online.

I have been writing my congressmen and I feel that I am a nuisance rather than a concerned citizen. There is plenty to write about. Most complaints I’ll post online as well as sending letters to our congressmen. They are overwhelmed because all they do is send back to me is a form letter.
That is what happens when you step into the barnyard.

I know that it is, ”We The People…” that formed this constitution of ours.
I was one of the many, I was the government, I was to blame, and I was the solution.
So I will continue to be a nuisance.

Sun Day Muse

 Words & Graphics by Tomas