I stood on my automated platform that spun slowly in a circle.
Around me were mirrors where I could see my being.
And there I stood talking to god with my remote in hand controlling the colored strobe lights that flashed in the darkness.

Mirrors, colors and I
I was drugged by emotion and reflection.

On the other side of those mirrors are human beings with minds that paint a picture of god or erase the word from memory.
The word is immaterial as an argument, as an argument the word god or the meaning would follow a track in a complete circle and end in sleep.
The emotion is real.

The greatest emotion that lets me understand the meaning of the word is knowing that other human beings try to understand the meaning of the word and live by being god.

The best advice I have is to not read opinion or corrupt your mind by the influence of writers of the written word.
Your mind is best used.



Words & Graphics by Tomas