I have written about bias in my muse pages and people have praised me for my thoughts.
But that neither has nor changed a thing. Human beings have bias for a great assortment of things and they do choose sides.

You are not a head.
You were born in the Middle East or you look as though you were.
You are White Trash
You smoke
Your ugly
Your perfect
You cannot spell
You have long hair
You shave your head
You drive a SUV
You do not have a BMW
You are a Jew
You are wealthy
You are poor
You are a Christian
You are not a Christian
You kill
You do not kill
I can go on forever and I probably did not place your pet peeve in the list above.

I always want human beings to see their point of view as they awake in the mornings.


A point of view:
Sometimes our thoughts are compiled into a point of view.
You know the thoughts about what we think of the world as it stands today.
But there is another point of view.
A simple point of view, a view we sometimes forget about because it is always there, always available.
It is the point of view that we see when we first wake up.
Or the point of view we see when we look out at the world to see what is before us.
It may be a garden out back, a working crew viewed through an open window,
a sandy beach with a red horizon, and a blacktop road at fifty miles per hour.
It is a deliberate choice that we make to put us in our proper perspective with our environment.
I can vision my body going out into a meadow and closing my eyes.
Standing still and then opening my eyes for the first time.
Absorbing the texture and colors in my point of view.
The thoughts moving threw my mind are the colors, textures and smells of my surroundings.
A point of view.

 Words & Graphics by Tomas