My mind keeps reflecting back to the Beatle’s when they wrote,
“I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go."
I remember just standing and watching the mountain lion there by Lou’s cabin.
No fuss, no fear, just pleasure and understanding.
I never assumed that the lion was hungry and needed something to eat.
The thought never entered my mind.
In a different time I would never even come close to the beast.
My thoughts were more like the kingdom of god and peace among the beasts.
Yes but that was my beauty though I never understood it but others did see it.
I was totally unaware.
Today my reflections do see it and it does make me wise and old,
conceited and egotistical.
Sunday Morning
It is dark out and cold, a wet dampness of winter musk fills the air.
The cheers of the holidays have past.
I dusted off my reel-to-reel tape decks when Laurel bought an old Wollensak reel to reel on Ebay.
It arrived and I set it up after taking it apart and blowing the dust out and reseating the glass tubes in their places of honor.
Laurel’s old Cuban tapes did not work on that machine so it was back to plan “A”.
Recopying them to my trusty “Akai Tape Deck”.
I split the old mono signal into two channels through an equalizer dividing the signals by frequency.
It works well.
Now I am trying to figure out how to get that beautiful signal on to a CD with the best quality.
So that is where I am today.
I listened to a lot of old tapes.
I was surprised when I heard Laurel’s ex-husbands name on one
of the intro’s of one the Cuban tapes just after their theme song and
just before continuing on into their set.  I ask Laurel, “Was that Bob?”
And she said,” Yes!”
All the tapes were of good quality and sound, they seemed to be worth putting on CD’s.
I found a copy of Allison’s Oboe Recital at Murray University,
which was a pleasant surprise.

The war and that lion seem so far off.
War has been declared
(to make known formally, officially, or explicitly).
Foolish men.
They have destroyed a country just for their personal gains
(Moslems, Christians and Jews).
Black oil is the jewel that they are fighting for.


Words & Graphics by Tomas