You Don't Know Me

 Words spiral out of this mind like a paper plane in a looping glide.
I just read some postings in the Digger Forum and they were searching and inspiring.
I always want to write words that inspire the mind to think and feel comfortable.
It is not always easy because we are constantly bombarded in a negative way.

I am constantly standing, moving forward in time.
Renewing the grasp; I am constantly looking for the inspiring god.
AndÖ I am constantly finding the being, the god, and my presents in this green landscape.
Sleepless nights, it is warm, almost to hot to sleep.
There is no tall slave fanning the night air here.
Constantly moving, jumping from point to point, my mind wanders.
Laurel said that the clock was wrong. It took a sleepless night to reset it.
There is a song moving through my mind, itís on loan;
I read it elsewhere,
I sang it quietly to my self and it keeps repeating in my mind.

The song

You Don't Know Me

Sung by Ray Charles
Written by - C. Walker & E. Arnold

you give your hand to me
and then you say hello
and I can hardly speak
my heart is beating so
and anyone could tell
you think you know me well
but you don't know me

no, you don't know the one
who dreams of you at night
and longs to kiss your lips
and longs to hold you tight
to you I'm just a friend
that's all I've ever been
no, you don't know me

for I never learned the art of making love
though my heart aches with love for you
afraid and shy I let my chance go by
the chance that you might have loved me too

You give your hand to me
and then you say good bye
I watch you walk away
beside the lucky guy
no you will never know
the one who loves you so
no you don't know me.

Brother Ray
Take Care


Words & Graphics by Tomas