Dumbing down our world by calling environmentalist alarmists.
Some more gray haze to blanket our mind.
The Bush administration is slowly cutting the pie by trying to pass the Clear Skies Act.
The propaganda machine is running full bore creating rifts between environmentalists.
If you love the earth stand your ground.
I send messages to my congressmen and keep pollution out of my acre of land.
Do your thing.
And remember what the Bush administration wants.

The wonderful little box that I live in is created in the Far East.
I purchased this little Easter Basket and
I sit quietly in this blue fuzzy plastic grass watching the electrons move by.
Not really!
I have this notion that this Techno machine is not going to arrive in Kentucky.
I believe those backward notions of Lil Abner ní Daisy Mae have made us barren of technology.
So I sit in my little brick 1100 square foot economical abode knowing that that creature will not come over that hill.

In Kentucky technology has trashed the top layer of this earth but the earth is strong and will withstand a tremendous amount of abuse. Now will I stand tall as I absorb this abuse of this landscape?


Words & Graphics by Tomas