We are all consumers.
From the very beginnings; objects and thought pass through this body of ours.
Lately we have conditioned our bodies to consume thought through the media.
“Freedom - Living in peace”
We are all consumers.
I was conditioned at an early age by bias and fear by the church.
The one thing that the Christian church taught me was the meaning of omnipotence, omnipotent.
This was given a better meaning in school when math went positive and negative, giving math a reference point, a middle, a zero.
Now my visions could go beyond any limitations or boundaries in any direction.
I have passed over the top of the hill.
My balance has pitched toward the protection of the planet and its occupants.
I could say that this is a bias.
Conservative or liberal is only answered by standing left or right of the center line.

Sidewalks/side roads for horse, scooters, walker and joggers

Human rights

The little man has been forgotten
He consumes and thinks.
He is swayed by the media


Words & Graphics by Tomas