Cozy Little Brick

Over the years I have traveled in and out of this structure; it is still quite a sight.
I am quite comfortable sleeping under these wood eve’s.

Although I would prefer to awaken under a great redwood and look up at that great majesty every morning; there is nothing quite like that feeling. We are such small creatures compared to the size of these giants; that feeling of being so small and being protected by such great strength is comforting.

I stood out on the deck and told Laurel that my feet were planted firmly on this earth.
And I heard and looked and then I realized that these birds have that same ability and also the ability to fly and soar over this planet.

This morning’s view is a wet rolling of soft greens with bird songs and the humming’s of the earth’s technologies.

It is cloudy with heavy rain clouds; the sun has managed to brighten the day enough to call it daylight.

I am going to gather up my educations of technology and news as I drink my morning coffee.

My scatterings of important documents lay quietly undisturbed.
They should really be scooped into the trash by days end but for now they are my education.


It is warming up and it is time to plant the lettuce and reset some onions; I think I may have waited a little to long but today is going to have to do.
I’ve got a new red tiller. I got the old one in 76, so I got my money’s worth on that little orange machine.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


Words & Graphics by Tomas