Dell Dimension

I have spent over $10,000 on computers in the last twenty years. We bought our first computer in 1984 with the Commodore Plus 4, which we quickly returned because it was beyond what we had wanted. We were looking to write with basic as a teaching tool for our children and as a game machine. We went back to Sears and purchased a Commodore 64, which was exactly what we needed. We wrote programs in basic and copied programs from Computer Gazette magazine assembly language pages.

Our next computer was a $4,000 dollar Zenith (286 IBM Clone) ; it soon was obsolete as the computer industry was moving rapidly.

The next computer was a Dell Dimension XPS that was struck by lightning in the year 2000 and replaced by another Dell Dimension XPS that I am very pleased with to this day. I loved the Dell Services.
We were always pleased with Dell when a friend of ours asks us for some computer advise and I recommended Dell as a good computer. I had not realized that Dell had also moved its services overseas since my last purchase of a Dell Computer.

Bureaucracy, a language gap and one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing has replaced Dell as the leading computer service. My wife swears on the bible that she will never get on the phone again with any Dell Reprehensive again. She is finished with Dell.

I love the Dell Computers but just trying to understand what she went through to purchase a computer for a friend has turned into a mental disaster and I am leaning away from Dell for that reason.

 Words & Graphics by Tomas