The home that I live on is on plush Kentucky landscape that is close to,
by walking to the hospital,
three schools and our small town.
I awoke with the senate discussing emanate domain and
the communities ability to take property at fair market value.
In another discussion yesterday morning I heard a women say also on C-Span,
“ Let our government print the money it needs to repair the damage caused by Katrina.”
I found that eye opening when viewed from the perspective that I
could view the earth from outer space and watch our society rebuilding and governing itself.
And then I thought to myself,
“Is my home and land worth a twenty dollar gold piece or
is my land worth $500,000 printed paper dollars.
I could not answer the question.
In my mind I have placed more than fair market value in this home and property.
The first plus in this land around this home was that is was free of chemicals.
That is no longer the case because we have a large pool where my organic garden had been.
So in my mind that is a minus in the value.
But this home is very economical because it is small and very cheap to maintain.
That is a plus.
The rest of the yard is free of chemicals and that is a plus to our environment and me.
My thoughts lean toward a safer and cleaner environment.
And where is the value in that?

Is passing on debt an illusion that our government gives us something to say
to our children that they will forever be indebted to our government in mind and spirit.

 Words & Graphics by Tomas