Houston do you hear me?

 The earth is spinning very rapidly and I am sitting here watching the earth spin via a satellite link to my television and it seems very peaceful and quiet here in this abode.
Why am I puzzled?
Are gravity and this atmosphere keeping everything cool and in place?
Something really amazing is happening here on this planet and out in space. Our society like ants have organized a little space walk while I sit and watch this happening though that black box.
Without delay, live or perhaps a little time lag this signal from space is here!
As a society we are scurrying around without knowing what each of us is doing but in some familiar way we are pointed toward our newspapers, computers and televisions to find out what all these other creatures are up too, very amazing?
I probably should be sitting under a tree or out on my deck of wood getting my head together but no I am here at this interface confronting this blank white screen with this alphabet.
The white kitten and the gray cat are up into the air in a swirl of playful combat. The kitten is three months old and the gray cat is about a year old. The gray cat always wanted to play with the older cats but was always rebuffed and now she is in seventh heaven with this younger kitten.
Is this cool?
Is this the old term, “Far Out”?
I need no drugs to view this stuff it is really happening!
The cats just jumped over my back without touching me while a payload is about to be dispensed in space.
Houston do you hear me?

 Words & Graphics by Tomas