Oh God do you hear me?
Can anybody tell me why people are dying over in Iraq?
Iíll bet someone is going to say they were invaded and I do not like that.
Or someone is going to say he shot at me first.
Or someone will say we are trying to remove the terrorists.
So far those are pretty lame excuses.
Iíll bet Santa and God are looking at you guys and shaking their heads.
Well to day is the sun day and it is about three in the morning and it is time for a little reflection.
You know I get to look over my body physically, mentally and spiritually.
I get to use that mental CAT scan http://www.farfan.com/catscan/index.htm to check over this being of Allah.
Did someone give me an answer to my question or are you just going to slice off my head or shoot bullets through this body?
I am asking you to stop being so hysterical and gung-ho http://www.randomhouse.com/wotd/index.pperl?date=19980126 and stop the killing.

You need to read this for the first time or the second time. http://www.laurelrose.com/ORDERS4.HTM
Do not tell me you read it and say to me that it cannot happen.
If I was your leader and you believed that I was in charge of this planet and I said to stop, would you stop?
Let me put it this way, if I represented Allah or as you say God and I asked you to stop killing would you?
Who is in charge of this planet?
Do you know some being who has the most authority on this planet?
What are they saying?
Please write it here and do not give me just one side to the argument.
I want all the answers now!
Listen I do not have the answers but I bet you know someone who does and maybe they could write me and just explain in one sentence what the hell is going on?
Oh God do you hear me?

 Words & Graphics by Tomas