The Buck Stops Here

The North won the civil war because the Federal Government realized that if they controlled all the roads and waterways they could win the war.
So today at the present time the Federal Government controls the airways, railways, roadways and the waterways, just in case we have another civil war or we need to control the way troops are moved across the country. If they control it they need not ask anyone or any state permission to pass through.
Those are facts that will not change.
The Corps of Engineers is part of the Defense Department and is paid by them. The Defense Department divvy’s out the moneys that are budgeted to the Corps of Engineers for flood control.
Again it is “We the People” who are responsible for not building or renewing the way our cities are protected by water, not the lobbyists.
So when you vote in the next election place my name in the box because it is “we the people” that are in charge of this country.

Take Care,
The Buck Stops Here
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 Words & Graphics by Tomas