Not getting the word out to the public.
Too many people on this planet feel that their words are not worth publishing on the Internet.
They either feel that because they are not very good at writing and getting their point across or
they feel that what they think is not for the world to hear or it is none their business.
Too many human beings in this technical age are assigning their tasks and
skills to the elimination of graphic interplayed layered colored objects in games.
Hour upon hour their minds are stuck and mired in the enjoyment of this non physical excitement.
I personally am involved in the constant input by the internet and the television screen.
I am bombarded by what I read online and what I see on the limited standards of television.
Labors pain is becoming a lost art because of age. My health is great but this sedentary life style is going to bury me before my hundredth birthday. I am active in the minor chores of keeping our lifestyle clean but the pain and sweat of vigorous activity is gone.
It now is six am, my time to view C-Spans Washington Journal.

National Press Club
Billionaire Against Bush
Investor George Soros Is Giving America a Piece of His Mind

The art of understanding the Haight, Morningstar Commune and the sixties is dying.
Age is moving our minds away from the realties of thought.
The only way to see what the sixties was like is dictated by the video placed on
television and the ranting and ravings of individuals like myself.
As we die off so does the sixties all that is left is what is published.
Human beings will read between the lines. So please jog your memories and
place your thoughts online and point to your self as a living being who walked during the sixties.
Silence is golden when you do not want to be heard.
Authors are authors

Please write your story and post it at these sights
Morningstar Commune


Hippie Museum


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