The Internet provides me a place to move my mind.
There I can move through the world of ideas.
This morning I passed through this place of ideas
and they pointed me to another place of ideas
(Hippie Museum),
which pointed me to another place of ideas.
(Poet Seers)
So in a matter of minutes
I have traveled in my mind places where no books or libraries could ever do so quickly.
This technology in this lifetime can be amazing.

Nanotechnology is next.
Nanotechnology will move us into places where moral values and good health blur into a seamless society where we will not be able to understand where Frankenstein and
our friendly family doctor are in our line of sight.
Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde will be working hand in hand in the bean fields together.
Good or bad with nanotechnology may be out of the question.

What should I talk about today?

Coneheads may not be as funny 2067.


Words & Graphics by Tomas