The news today is telling me that the United States government is going
to decide what becomes of me if I happen to become brain dead.
I disagree with our United States government and
I along have the power to decide what happens to my body and soul if I become brain dead.
I have a living will and it states that I can be left to die if my brain is void of activity and
I do agree that I can be left to die if my brain is void of activity.
There is no logic or fence to stand on, no god or deity to change my mind as
to what is written and agreed to; the contract was signed by me and witnessed.
Write to me if you plan to change this meaning or
you do not understand the intent of this message.
If I am brain dead and you want to discuss this further please feel free to try and
I will try to explain to you my decision.

And if life is as complicated as to blur the lines of understanding
then let my wife make that decision as to whether I live or die.


Words & Graphics by Tomas