October 08, 2004
It is difficult to watch the debates when you’re biased.
Ralph  Nader comes the closest to what I believe is the best for the country.
 I also realize that without the proper protection I can be rolled over by a force like
the powerful army that the Germans had in the late 1930’s.
So I want some protection.
I want my world to be my heaven on earth but I want it protected either by some unknown force or a national protective force.
My compromise is to vote for John Kerry and maybe run for office myself so
that I can voice my opinion and maybe help the less fortunate people in the state of the union.
My inability to speak or spell will hamper me but my ability and determination in believing that I can do some good is my asset.
Nobody won the debate.
John Kerry is the diplomat and a diplomat is what we need.
The United Nations shot themselves in the foot by letting the food for oil get out of hand.
The best diplomats the world has seen came out of Iraq. They bull shitted their way into a thousand countless stalling tactics in their diplomatic efforts to keep the world at bay.
Most of the folks here will vote for Bush because he is not pro-choice.
This whole business reminds me of the story by
Hans Christian Andersen, “The Emperor’s New Suit” written in the year 1837.
The people in the United States are blinded and polarized by the Republican media.
How can we take the blinders off those folks?
Anyway here is a link to the Hans Christian Andersen story.

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