Saturday May 1st
Allison, Natasha and Eliana are here for a couple of days.
Natasha just came into the room wearing a long dark blue dress, some lavender beads,
a pink tiara, pink ear rings, a pink bracelet, a pink ring and
Laurelís work heals ( I guess at some time hey were called high heals, but these were low and tan).

The sun is bright; the cat is lying in the chair absorbing the sun shine.
I hear birds but I see no birds.
It has been raining everyday, and then warming up nicely, it is not a summer humid day but a spring warm day into the low seventies.
The onions are standing tall in the garden; the lettuce is out of the ground. I do not see any green beans;
I think I will have to replant the beans. The tomatoes are standing firm and do look healthy.
I have been placing newspaper around the young stems for 30 years to keep the cutworms away and
I have had 100 % success. I mulch the tomatoes only after the ground warms up;
if the ground stays cool under those plants they will wait for the ground to warm up before they start setting fruit.
I just saw my first bird.

Sunday morning and it is cool, apparently a front came through and dropped the temperature to be more seasonal.
The ground is too wet to do anything outdoors. Yesterday we spent the day indoors enjoying our life being together.
Eliana was constantly being fussed over which I assume is normal for a young child born March 14 of this year.
I used to drop by the Digger web site and check out the new arrivals but lately it have evolved into bickering.
Most arguments evolve into an understanding of the others point of view but this seems more like
someone setting someone up for pleasure and watching the sparks fly.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


Words & Graphics by Tomas