There is a great argument about where life starts when speaking of pro life and pro choice.
Biblically life started when god created Adam.
Life has been constant since that time.
To think that life starts at conception is a denial of our ability to recreate our family values by having children.
The moral majority has decided to draw a line in the womb where there never was a line.
Conception is only the continuation of the family.

God goes back much farther than the creation of life as we know it.

The voices of pro choice give a mother the choice to be a mother or not to be a mother.
It is not the moral majority’s option.
Abortion is supposed to be within the bounds of good health (mental or physical).
To create an atmosphere of shame as the moral majority has done is one of the world’s greatest crimes of brain washing.

I remember being shamed by the Catholic Church so that I could not think for myself without thinking that I was doomed to go to hell for not conforming to their moral majority.
The earth is my paradise; I love it and want it to be taken care of.


Words & Graphics by Tomas