Happy Birthday Laurel
Saturday morning.
My tiller died. I did get the garden tilled a couple of times.
The earth was a little damp so some of the earth is in small clumps.
The onions have been set.
The weather is great.
I am consuming the world, probably a little too much.
The news breaks my heart.
I look out this window and no demons are pounding the earth here.
Their vibrations of violence can be assumed.
It is peaceful here the colors and depth of the earth are rich in the new buds, new flowers, new leaves, new births, spring state of being.
My feet are pounding the wooden floor with the beat and rhythms of the projected sounds reggae. (Shaggy, Angel)
My mind is moving toward the presence of being.
My fingers touch the keys and bring being into letters.
I say hi
The earth is below my feet
I learned to walk upright at a small age.
As I turn my head my point of view changes.
If I place a book before my eyes my point of view is changed.
I can walk like a disciple of god forever consuming the essence of the earth.
I can dance in a circle happy to be in the shine of the sun.
The reflection of the sun radiates warmth on the earth.
The planet has an aura of warmth around it.

Did you know that the earth is hard enough to keep you from sinking in?
We are sustaining a great balancing act.


Words & Graphics by Tomas