"New DealGovernment"

This is a little history of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's

And his New Deal Programs which are listed in this web page below.

Laurel had this listing
and I googled the title and this is what I got.

This has been a historical year and it will be one of major ravage upon this planet

Those young folks that went out and bought SUV's because they felt the social pressure in todays climate to do so are wondering what the hell happened?

The world has turned upside down.

If you read about that New Deal above you will realize how powerful
a program it was in a time of crisis.

Are we in a time of crisis on this planet?

I think former Presidents Clinton and Carter would probably agree on that.
Is it time for a new deal government that will handle this world crisis?
I say yes.

"Be all that you can be",
lets put these armies to work.

 Words & Graphics by Tomas