The State of the Union

Our daughter’s friend is writing a journal and some of what
he writes is his plight this last week in New Orleans.
Here is a link to his journal.


I have been a little harsh and throw blame for the situation in New Orleans at the president because frankly I do not like his Alfred E. Newman smirk and his ties with Halliburton and the oil companies who stand to make a huge profit in New Orleans.
I feel that I should apologies to our government for not being there when they should have been there.
They boasted how our government could get into Iraq and mobilize our national guard into this sleek “I can fix Iraq in forty days and forty nights” type of thingy.
But then again I know how slick our bureaucracy can be just look how bushy is going to screw over our Supreme Court Justices.


I am a “Back to the Lander” that only got half way back because I compromised.

I blame Ronald Reagan and the thought of less government so lets cut off services like less money for civil things like rebuilding roads and rails and waterways. The hurricane we can handle but the flooding was a disaster we could of managed. Civil defense was a priority in the 1950's that could of handled a number three hurricane. The knowledge and know-how was there to handle this situation and I know they (CORPS NewOrleans) asked for the money but the money and leadership never came nor the better communication lines and water handling levies and pumps. We had the time but we did not have the leadership and the money. The "Trickle Down Economy" was a little to slow and bush has turned it into a piss on you type of economy.
I did work for the corps of engineers so I know what we asked for but did not get.

And remember we needed a few good men in New Orleans but they were sent to Iraq thanks to bushy.

 Words & Graphics by Tomas