A thousand points of light & Ants are not anarchist

This morning I am watching a Times reporter who traveled down over into the war zone left by Katrina and is trying to explain the bureaucracy that moved swiftly in this time of crisis. The technology that we have is swift, but failed miserable when the power failed.
He seems pleased that he got his chance to travel down to that area of our country for his magazine; another notch in the mans brim of his hat.
If we are only ants or some other creature we only shrug and devour the rubbish left by the storm but we are not ants and we do have a swift technology that does work extremely well. The government bureaucracy did not work as well as our technology told us it would work.
The history of the south skimmed off the money meant to create a strong wall against the water.
The head of the snake was cut off and the tail whipped with no apparent control for days. The Queen was aware of the plight (as was the nation) but the order could not reach the severed tale
Ten thousand points of light were not seen and it became every man for himself.

Ants are not anarchist and they carried the goods needed and not needed.

The nation rose up in response in it’s “my responsibility” to help but the bureaucracy failed and is failing as we speak as insurance companies turn claims away by a wall of water, more bureaucracy.

We cannot look up to an insurance company as we
 do look up to god in a place of worship.
They wave two different wands.

Their hands are tied

A thousand points of light