Dancing in the Streets

I am laid back and I’ll stay laid back.
But I just clicked on a web page to see how our planet is doing and bang.
We have protected our endanger wildlife by laws.
I realize that wild animals have been moved away from humanity by gunpoint.
Panthers, bears and wolves beware the human creature called man will remove you from the earth.
Because of this threat the government has protected these creatures in certain parts of this planet.
So what is happening lately?
Our government is going to loosen the laws and let the farmers whose stock is endangered by these creatures control their lives (the panthers, the bears and the wolves).
I thought Teddy Roosevelt was saving the wildlife in America for those Mahogany Trophy Rooms with his controlled kills.

“The times they are a changing”.

I just have come back from a trip to San Diego where my son Eli lives. I asked if he was saving for a home and he smiled and said house prices are completely out of hand: 500,000 thousand dollars for a rundown old carcass of a house in an area within a mile of Balboa Park.
This 90,000 dollar home I live in Kentucky with this ¾ of an acre would be worth a couple of million dollars in San Diego.

The Funk Brothers are playing, “I Heard It Threw the Grapevine”.

I have flown over California twice and the winter view of California is green and the summer view is brown.
In Kentucky the tomatoes are big and red and the earth is very green.
The price of sand with a ocean and mountian view is high and the price of fertile green land is cheep.
Go figure.

The Funk Brothers are playing, “What’s Going On”.
I say the same thing but nobody is listening.

Sunday morning July 17, 2004


Words & Graphics by Tomas