A pocket to fit into;
I have no particular religion swirling around my head.
I know that my life is my religion and that each object in this space is provided by something extremely unknown and powerful.
I call the unknown awareness, “god”.
The world has painted ten thousand images of the unknown world.
Is it man that has created this understanding or has the universe as a whole created this understanding/emotion?
My life has picked up all that I want, but peace as I know it moves away from want.
Being a being in this space and present time is a chore.
I am constantly bombarded with the past, the want of money, the want of space, the want of peace and the want of earth.
My body absorbs these and other minor abuses.
In the late sixties I walked away from the kneeling, laying my body prone, sacrificing my body with pain and
the constant guilt brought on by the pounding sermon.
I have spent the weekend with Natasha and Laurel.
It has been grand; we enjoyed our company and made our life together a wonderful exercise of loving and living.
We saw and picked the flowers. The birds flew overhead and we dined on that view.
We splashed in the waters of life and laughed.
Natasha wrote a letter of colors and love to her mother and we sealed it to send.
It is now Monday morning and I sit and reflect.
How nice,
How grand.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


Words & Graphics by Tomas