The United States will be governed by the ideal perception of what a leader should be.
The George W. Bush camp has coached the president that perception is what will help him win the election.
If he looks like a leader that has lost the people of Iraq that will hurt him.
If he looks like the President that let big business keep wages down by neutralizing or
eliminating the unions by bringing cheep foreign labor into this country that may hurt his perception.
If he looks like a president that gave tax breaks to big business for outsourcing their jobs to
other countries that may hurt his perception.

George W. Bush is not Pro-choice; though he does believe in sending young human beings into a war that
may get them hurt or die.
What kind of decision is that; that may hurt his perception?

Where is the balance?

I am in agony just thinking that I may have made the same mistakes if I were president.
If you were god would you vote for George W. Bush or would
you vote for what you truly think is right and mark the ballet by placing your name in his place?

What do we want god to be like?
I think we want our president to be as close to the truth as possible?

Letís clean up the sores that harm this world.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.


Words & Graphics by Tomas