From a reliable source!

I have heard that many times in my lifetime of sixty plus years on this planet. I am not a reliable source in the sense that I hear or see those words within my world of knowledge. But I have seen the tarnished vessel (we call home) tarnished many times during the course of these years viewing and being. The repellent mixture of words and deeds our society does to our environment can be remembered and counted.

From the very beginning I was told to pick up after my self and those words were spoken in the sense later in the late fifties as to not litter from a vehicle and later on to keep the planet clean environmentally. I have kept my part but society only stresses those thoughts in the early years of our development but our children soon give up because their parents would be labeled “Liberal” in our society if they stood their ground and kept their acre of land clean of filth.

I have been told by our local newspaper in a “NOTICE” that the pollution in our drinking water was cleaned up (after the fact); so without my knowing it chemicals from farm land drained into our drinking water in this last decade or more. Today I am sure that the law requires the city and state to disclose any pollution in our drinking water but fifteen or twenty years ago there was no one telling us anything.

I have heard that steel lying in the Ohio River (mile 963) disintegrate in less than a year. Upstream there is a CEMENT PLANT and a NUCLEAR WASTE STOCKPILE that has drained into the local area. Both of these industries are on the waters edge. What kind of chemical concoction is created in that water that would make steel useless in less than a year?

Society as a whole assumes that those quick helping chemicals in those spray cans and those bags of potting soil are good for us.
What am I to believe?
 I’ll lean toward a chemically free ideal though is this land a plenty you have to read the labels pretty close.
Hopefully the Internet can provide me with a reliable source of information and it has?

“Those who dwell, as scientists or laymen, among the beauties and mysteries of the earth
are never alone or weary of life.” - Rachel Carson

Big Business has huge fishing tournaments in this area throughout the spring and summer.
The state says we should read the “Ohio River Fish Consumption Advisory” before consuming fish.

Hands folded, thumbs spinning
I am watching the bright red screensaver click like a clock.
I am waiting on the hour to move to 12:35
An old movie is about to start
A purple and black spiral appears before me
It spins
Very dramatic music
I’ve gone out into the garden
A few days ago Laurel and I transplanted four Azaleas to a better location that is not so wet. The soil from where they came was full of organic matter and worms but was a little to wet for those Azaleas. Where we placed the Azaleas we also planted a couple of Strawberry Foxgloves,
Pink Strawberries (a groundcover) and a couple of Astilbe,
all of these plants are for the benefit for our Hummingbirds.
As soon as I cool down I’ll go out and till the garden for our Marigolds and onion sets. The Sweet peas are about the climb the strings.
I created a small space 3X5 space for Laurel’s  Four O’Clocks.
From a reliable source!

 Words & Graphics by Tomas